Gower Clay Pigeon Shooting


1. Do I need a licence to shoot at Cwm Ivy?
No. We have a ‘Section 11 Exemption’ issued by South Wales Police which allows the use of shotguns while under instruction by our staff on our ground without the need of a Shotgun Certificate.

2. What happens if the weather is bad?
Unless conditions are considered dangerous we are happy to continue in inclement weather depending on the client's wishes.

3. Do I need special clothing?
Normal outdoor clothing suitable for the weather conditions at the time is sufficient.

4. Does the recoil hurt? 
No. Providing the gun is held correctly you should feel little effect of recoil. Low recoil cartridges are normally provided for beginners as well as smaller bore guns for women and youngsters.

5. What about noise? 
Hearing (and eye) protection is provided for all participants.

6. What age can children take part?
Normally from about 10 years old but possibly younger depending on build.

7. Can I bring my dog? 
Yes but it must be kept on a lead.

8. Do you have parking?
Yes. We have plenty of car parking at the well known Cwm Ivy Car Park field within 5 minute of the shooting ground. 

9. Are there refreshments / toilets?
Refreshments are available on request. There are no (formal) toilet facilities. 

10. Am I insured?
We have Public Liability insurance cover up to £5 million.

11. Is it safe?
Safety is of paramount importance. We are constantly monitoring the safety aspects of the Shooting Ground and have an exemplary record.

12. Can I bring someone who doesn’t want to shoot?
Non shooters are always welcome.

13. Can I pay by credit card?
No, We do not yet have these facilities. We take cash on the day, once a deposit has been paid by BACS online transfer. 

14. Do you have wheelchair access? 
Unfortunately not.

15. Can disabled people shoot? 
Depending on disability, many can.

16. Are the guns heavy?
Some shotguns can weigh over 8lbs but lighter guns are generally used for beginners.

17. I am an experienced shot but don’t have my own gun. 
We supply the guns. We do not allow you to use your own gun on corporate events.  

18. When can I come to shoot?
Shooting is available only on a Saturday 10-4. 

19. Do you do shooting in the evening?
No. The last shooting ends at 4.00 pm.